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Fruit Trees
Often, the right combination of varieties are necessary for fruit trees to produce fruit. Most apples are partially self-pollinating and will set some fruit ...

Spray Schedule
On fruit trees use 3 Orchard tablets per tree, and on small fruit use 2 ... A combination fruit spray that controls common insects AND diseases on fruits. ...

Home & Garden
Check when purchasing fruit trees to be sure that the trees have their pollination requirements met. Some nurseries sell combination trees with branches ...

Injury to Tree and Small Fruit Plants, HYG-1409-94
For fruit trees, beds should be eight to 10 inches high and six to eight feet ... This may result in death in combination with other environmental stress ...

Horticultural Inquiries
Many fruit trees require at least six hours of full sun a day in order to yield a large ... Some cucurbits produce male flowers and combination flowers, ...

FDIN002 Disease and Insect Management in the Home Orchard
For individuals with only a few trees, the combination fruit sprays available at garden centers may be most convenient. Some fungicides for use on fruit ...

grafting & budding fruit trees
... refers to joining only two plants, it may be a combination of several. ... In other words, fruit trees cannot be reproduced "true" to the original ...

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