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Open Directory - Shopping: Home and Garden: Plants: Fruit
California Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery - A Southern California nursery ... variety of fruit, nut and berry plants, including exotics such as mayhaw, pawpaw, ...

Mayhaw: A New Fruit Crop for the South
The mayhaw, an edible early ripening hawthorn, is a relatively unexplored and underutilized indigenous fruit tree of the lower southern states. ...

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The Mayhaw is a Hawthorne tree and it bears it's fruit in May, ... Most mayhaw trees fruit at a rather young age when they are grafted , since the grafting ...

The mayhaw is the fruit of the thorny hawthorne tree. ... The mayhaw is a wild native fruit tree found along river bottoms and swamps from the Trinity River ...

All about unusual fruit to pick - serviceberries, saskatoons ...
The mayhaw is a wild native fruit tree found along river bottoms and swamps from east Texas, east to Georgia and Florida, and especially throughout ...

Louisiana Mayhaw Association
Morning sun works best on all fruit trees. Mayhaw trees can grow in most soils. ... If you already spray fruit trees in your yard, spraying mayhaw trees ...

LSU AgCenter . Mayhaws Good For Fruit, Landscaping And Wildlife
Besides bearing fruit that can be made into jelly, mayhaw trees enhance the landscape and attract wildlife. They’re available in nurseries during winter and ...

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